Hey there!

I’m Piara. You can call me a control freak person who likes to know what ingredients go in my food where ever I am eating. Whether I am eating at home, a restaurant, or someone else’s house, I would first find out what ingredients are used in food served to me before I begin to eat.

It is just a habit as I follow a strict diet. I do not eat onion, garlic, and eggs plus I am vegetarian. Nowadays, it is easy to find vegetarian goods where ever you go, but finding food that is without onion, garlic and eggs is still hard. Because of that, I have started cooking a lot at home. We avoid restaurants as much as we can unless they make food according to our preference.

I became very calorie-conscious after my second pregnancy. I started cooking using less oil. And ever since I have invested in an Airfryer and Instapot, life has become very easy with cooking. Anything oily that I crave, now I can easily cook in Airfryer with significantly less oil.

Over the years, I have developed many recipes that are my family favorite. The main goal of this website is to bring you easy recipes that have been cooked with less oil mainly using Airfryer or Instapot.

I hope you adopt some of my recipes as your go-to recipes!

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me at support@easyflavorful.com