12 types of Air Fryer Safe Containers

Air fryers have become a popular kitchen appliance in recent years, offering a healthier way to cook crispy and delicious foods. However, not all containers are safe to use inside an air fryer. Keep reading to find out 12 types of air fryer safe containers and what you can not use in an air fryer.

With the heat temperature inside the air fryer ranging from 325° to 400° Fahrenheit, it is important to use the right containers to withstand high temperatures.

Air Fryers usually come with their own inserts like oven trays, baskets, and racks. While there are indeed containers that can fit and be used in an air fryer, it is important to remember that not all containers are safe to use.

different types of air fryer safe containers

In this article, we will discuss the types of containers that are safe to use in air fryers, including ceramics, glasses, silicones, metals, and cast iron skillets.

By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of the materials that are best for use in air fryers, ensuring that your cooking experience is safe and enjoyable.

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12 types of Air Fryer Safe Containers

While there are many available containers out there and even probably stacked in your kitchen, there are only particular ones that you can use.

This is because not all containers are built to withstand 325°F and 400°F temperatures on an air fryer or oven. 

Usually, people are used to seeing container products with ovens, toasters, or even microwave-safe symbols that imply such products are safe to use inside such kitchen equipment.

However, the same is not usually found with container products with air fryer symbols on the bottom or side of the dish. So, deciding which containers can be used in an air fryer makes it hard.

Now, let’s look at the 12 type of containers that can be safely used in an air fryer.

Ceramic-based Containers

Ceramics are a diverse set of products that are hard, brittle, corrosion-resistant, and, most of all, heat-resistant.

Such products are widely manufactured by shaping and firing inorganic, nonmetallic material-based clays at extreme temperatures.

In your kitchen, you might have different ceramic containers like earthenware, porcelain, stoneware, and bone china, but they can not be used in an air fryer.

Of these 4 types of ceramics, earthenware, and bone china containers are NOT safe to use in an air fryer, while pair porcelain and stoneware can be safely used in an air fryer.

However, if ceramic containers have decorative additions, using them in an air fryer is not recommended.

When using ceramic containers in an air fryer, it’s also important to be careful when handling them, as they can become hot and retain heat for a long time. Always use oven mitts or pot holders when removing the container from the air fryer, and allow it to cool down before handling it further.

Here are ceramic containers that you can use in an air fryer.

1. Ceramic Cookware

Ceramic cookware, such as pots, pans, and bakeware, can be a safe and effective choice in an air fryer because they are designed to withstand high temperatures and are often oven-safe. This makes them a good fit for air frying, which uses hot air to cook food at high temperatures.

One of the main advantages of ceramic cookware is its ability to retain heat, which can result in even cooking and browning of food. Ceramic cookware is also non-reactive, meaning it won’t interact with acidic or alkaline foods, which can affect the taste and texture of the food.

Additionally, ceramic cookware products are coated with a non-stick surface, making them easy to clean and preventing food from sticking to the pan.

2. Souffle Dish Ramekins for Baking

The ramekins are made from a high-quality ceramic material that is oven-safe and can withstand high temperatures, making them perfect for use in an air fryer. These ramekins are the perfect size for making individual souffles, mini casseroles, banana chocolate chip muffins, crème brûlée, and other baked dishes in an air fryer.

One thing I really like about these ramekins is their versatility. They are great for sweet and savory dishes and can be used for various recipes. I’ve used them to make individual mac and cheese, mini quiches, and even chocolate lava cakes in an air fryer.

3. Porcelain Cookware

Porcelain is a ceramic that can be safely used in an air fryer.

It is the type of ceramic material known to be resistant enough to ovens, microwaves, and even to the cold temperatures of your freezer.

Unlike earthenware, porcelain is durable enough to withstand high firing temperatures. Porcelain bakewares are safe to use in an air fryer.

Usually, this is a very common material used for plates, bowls, and cups with its signature white color.

4. Stoneware

Stoneware is a ceramic material often used for baking and cooking. It can be a safe and effective choice for use in an air fryer as long as it is oven-safe and compatible with high temperatures.

Its built-in material is less porous than earthenware but is more durable and can be exposed to high heat temperatures.

Stoneware containers have been used in ovens and microwaves for a long time. This makes it also possible for anyone to use them inside an air fryer. Stonewares are excellent at even heat distribution, ensuring uniform browning and even cooking with no hot spots.

When using stoneware in an air fryer, it’s important to be careful when handling it, as it can become hot and retain heat for a long time. Always use oven mitts or pot holders when removing the stoneware from the air fryer, and allow it to cool down before handling it further.

Glass Containers

Glass containers are famous for being nonconductive and having the ability not to absorb flavors and scents previously used.

Just like ceramic materials, there are many forms and kinds of glass containers. However, as you probably have guessed by now, not all can be used with air fryers.

Out of the wide variety of glass containers, only borosilicate glass containers and tempered glass containers are safe to use in an air fryer.

5. PYREX – Borosilicate Glass Container

Borosilicate glass is one type of glass with a very low thermal expansion coefficient. What this means is that this one type of glass that you can safely use in an air fryer, and it will not crack!

Such material comprises silica and boron trioxide, which are meant for extreme temperatures. Containers made up of this glass can withstand the heat of 515° Fahrenheit.

PYREX glass bowls are safe for air fryers because an air fryer temperature does not go beyond 400°F. Also, borosilicate glass has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, making them resistant to thermal shock. So, the sudden temperature change will not cause borosilicate glass to break. So cooking in a borosilicate glass bowl in an air fryer and taking it out for cooling will not shatter the glass.

However, be aware when buying a PYREX glass container for your air fryer because pyrex glass containers made in the USA are not made of borosilicate glass. Instead, they are made of soda-lime glass, which is unsafe to use in an air fryer. Read this article to know how to recognize PYREX glass containers that are made from borosilicate glass.

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6. Tempered glass Container

Tempered glass is a type of glass that has been enhanced in terms of its material. Such glass containers are designed to be significantly stronger compared to regular glass.

Glass containers made of tempered material are already used in kitchenware and dinnerware like those used in baking and cooking at home.

Tempered soda-lime glass bowls have been observed to be three times stronger than regular soda-lime glass.

These containers are known to withstand temperatures up to 470° Fahrenheit, making them safe for air fryers.

7. Food-Grade Silicone

Just like the others, there are also different types of silicon-based containers. For example, food-grade silicone containers are the ones that you can use inside an air fryer.

Food-grade silicone containers are silicon-based products deemed safe for food preparation and processing, specifically containers, utensils, and molds.

These silicone-based products are very convenient, heat-resistant, safe, long-lasting, and versatile and have been confirmed not to alter foods.

Such products are precisely manufactured to have exact specifications that include the level of heat resistance, the extent of flexibility, and hardness in texture.

Food-grade silicon-based materials are also called to be oven-safe. They can withstand high temperatures of up to 450° Fahrenheit. Even its accessories can also hold out against heat and cold fluctuations too.

Silicone air fryer pans, silicon muffin cups, silicone baking pans, and silicone cake molds can be safely used in an air fryer.

As long as the silicone-based container you have, not the regular one, is both food-grade and oven-safe, you can surely use it in your air fryer’s basket without worries.

8. Metal Containers

Cookware and containers made of metals are generally safe to use inside an air fryer. This is because such dishes can resist high heat oven temperatures, making them oven-safe in the first place.

Metal containers can be exposed to high temperatures of 200 to 400° Fahrenheit.

Such containers have long been used in the oven as a container, pan, pot, or even as a covering. The same principle applies to air fryers being similar to ovens to some extent.

Particularly, the metal containers you can use are oven-safe, including cast irons, aluminum, and stainless steel.

9. Aluminum

Aluminum containers can be great for cooking and preparing meals using an air fryer.

Such containers and pans were commonly used in the oven way before air fryers became a thing, making them oven-proof.

In actuality, this is the one recommended by most if you want to opt for an easy-to-clean way of reheating and warming your foods with an air fryer.

You probably have a stacked aluminum container around your kitchen, most notably disposable ones, as they are the most common.

These containers can be used in temperatures that reach up to 500° Fahrenheit – a temperature that is way higher than regular cooking, where it is also most often used.

10. Disposable foil containers

Disposable foil containers can be safely used in an air fryer. In addition, they are affordable and come in various sizes, making them perfect for meal prepping, cooking, and even storing leftovers.

They can be safely used in an air fryer for cooking, baking, or warming food. The great thing about disposable foil containers is that if you have frozen food in them, you can directly put it in an air fryer without worrying about the container’s or food’s safety.

However, they are not as durable as ceramic or stoneware. So be careful when handling them in or out of the air fryer.

11. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the next metal type of container on our list, and yes, you can use them in the air fryers too.

Such metal containers are also mostly oven-safe as just like aluminum and cast irons, they are also usually used in cooking and baking in the oven.

Stainless steel pots, pans, or dishes can be safely used in an air fryer. However, if your stainless steel pots or pans have plastic, wooden, or rubber handles or attachments, you can not use them in an air fryer. This is because the attachment will likely melt in an air fryer at higher heat.

So, before using your stainless steel pots or pans in an air fryer, remove the handle or attachment.

12. Cast Irons

Cast Irons are the last metal containers that are advisable to be used in an air fryer. Cast iron containers, plates, and other accessories are good complements for air fryers.

Cast iron containers are oven-safe or stove-top-safe. Making it safe to use in an air fryer as well.

Such material can withstand temperatures up to 450° Fahrenheit, which is within the air fryer temperature range.

Cast iron is heavy compared to other type of containers and retains heat for a long time after cooking, so precaution should be taken while removing cast iron plates from the air fryer.  

As a user, one might wonder if it is safe to use a cast iron in an air fryer? There is a possibility of cast iron overheating due to poor air circulation when used in an air fryer. But the response is that it will not cause any damage to the air fryer if used properly.

To observe proper use, clean or scrub the cast iron container you have, apply oil, and season it from time to time. When using it in an air fryer, do not overload the dish with food or exceed 350° F.  

What can you not put in an Air Fryer?

As much as there are containers that can be used in an air fryer, there are also certain kinds that you should not put in an air fryer.

As discussed earlier, not all types of ceramics, glasses, metals, and cast irons can be used because the rule only applies to certain kinds of the said groups.

So that you can be reminded of it, here are the certain types to avoid using in an air fryer.


Earthenware is a ceramic type known to be heavy, sturdy, and casual. However, this specific ceramic is made of very porous material and is prone to staining and absorbing liquid.

They usually exhibit red and brown colors and are commercially known to be the cheapest ceramics.

Unfortunately, this ceramic type is best not to be used in ovens, microwaves, and, yes, even air fryers.

This is because it is observed to be the least resistant of all ceramic kinds. So if you have one at home, it is better to leave it at the table or around the kitchen for aesthetic purposes.


Soda-lime is the most commonly used glass. It has been observed that it constitutes 90% of the commercially used glass in the world.

This type of glass is composed of non-toxic and impermeable material. With this kind of glass container, you do not have to worry about potentially hazardous health risks such as metal leaching.

In your kitchen, there is a high probability that your glass containers including pyrex (lower case) glass container are made of soda lime. Be that as it may, glass containers made of soda-lime are not recommended for your air fryers. This is because of the expansion and contraction rate of the material.

This means that using soda-lime glass containers in an air fryer will most likely result in cracking or shattering when exposed to high heat inside the basket.

It is not worth the risk of using one because even a minimal crack can lead to glass or material contamination in the food you are preparing.

Regular mixing bowls and others

Mixing bowls and others that do not have oven-safe labels are not safe to use in an air fryer. While it is a fact that most metal containers can withstand extreme heat, those that are not designed so cannot be used.

One of the examples is your regular mixing bowl because the type of metal used is not designed to be placed inside the oven in the first place.

One should also avoid using metal containers with materials that are not metals, just like plastic and wooden handles in a metal pot or pan.

The same also goes for stainless steel that is not manufactured to be used in ovens. This is important because putting a random stainless-steel container inside an air fryer can cause harmful fumes.

It all depends on the product of the metal container you have and whether or not it has an oven-safe label.

Other things that you should not put inside an Air Fryer

There are a number of materials that you should avoid using in meal preparation if you are to utilize your air fryer. Here are some added types of materials and containers that should never be put inside an air fryer:


Can you put plates in an air fryer?

It depends on the material that the plate is made of. As talked about earlier, there are different kinds of plates.

The most recommended ones are made of oven-safe ceramics like porcelain, stoneware, and bone china. You may also use metal plates provided specifically designed for such heat temperatures.

Can you put a Casserole dish in an Air Fryer?

A casserole is a type of large, deep pan or bowl used for containing food and ingredients.

If you want to use one, make sure it is made of oven-proof materials, like stoneware, porcelain, tempered glass, and oven-safe metals.

Avoid using casseroles made of not oven-safe materials and handles that are not metal, like plastic and wood.

Can you put aluminum takeout containers in the air fryer?

Yes, you can put aluminum takeout containers in the air fryer. Such takeout containers are usually considered to be disposable aluminum that is meant to withstand high heat temperatures.

Such containers can be used in temperatures up to 500° Fahrenheit. This level of temperature is known to be higher than the usual one used in regular cooking.

If you are using aluminum foil, follow the proper way to use it by not directly covering all the holes inside the basket of the air fryer.

Can I use microwavable containers in an air fryer?

Just like plates, it also depends on the material-based such microwave containers are composed of. Do not use microwavable containers like Tupperware and plastic takeaway containers in an air fryer.

Those made of oven-safe materials can safely be used as a container in an air fryer. The general rule of thumb is what can be used in an oven and in an air fryer.

Can I put a bowl in an air fryer?

Certain bowls can be used, and you should prevent using them inside the air fryer.

Bowls made of ceramics, metals, food-grade silicone, tempered glass, and cast irons with oven-safe labels can be safely used in an air fryer.

Do not try to experiment by using bowls made up of ordinary glass, plastic, and wood. These are the precise types of bowls that are not recommended to be used.

Conclusion – 12 types of Air Fryer Safe Containers

The use of air fryers has become a popular trend in recent years. It is a relatively new, convenient, and easy kitchen equipment.

If you are new to using an air fryer, it is common to wonder which type of containers can be safely used in an air fryer. The common rule of thumb is that material safe for an oven can be safely used in an air fryer.

This article has laid out a careful discussion of the things that are safe and those that you should never try using inside the air fryer.

When in doubt, you can also always go back to your air fryer manual for additional reassurance.

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