Can You Use Parchment Paper in an Air Fryer?

If you are new to using an Air Fryer, you may wonder whether you can use parchment paper in an air fryer. This article will provide dos and don’ts when using Parchment paper in an Air fryer.

The air fryer has become an increasingly popular kitchen device lately due to its smaller size and ease of use.

One thing that one might not like while using an air fryer every day is cleaning. Yes, cleaning that big messy basket after each cooking session is my least favorite part of using an air fryer.

So, how can you protect your air fryer basket from getting messy or greased after cooking? Can you use parchment paper? Will it affect my cooking? Will it affect airflow?

This article will focus on being a mini-guide towards using parchment papers in your air fryers.

Placing food on a parchment paper in an air fryer basket

To answer your question directly, you can use parchment paper in an air fryer. It is made from paper that has been treated with a thin layer of silicone, which gives it its non-stick properties and makes it resistant to high temperatures, non-stick and grease-proof. It can withstand high temperatures, will not catch fire at high temperatures in an air fryer and poses no health risk in preparing your food. 

But before you try it for yourself, it pays well to continue reading this guide to know the intricate details in ensuring you get both a tasty meal and be safe without triggering your smoke alarms.

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What is a Parchment Paper?

brown parchment paper roll

Paper parchment is a type of bakery paper that is grease-proof, heat-resistant, and oven-safe. In addition, it is coated with silicone which causes its non-sticky feature.

It is also called vegetable parchment because of its cellulose-based composition. Generally, they are widely used in baking as a disposable non-stick and grease-resistant surface.

It is made from paper that has been treated with a thin layer of silicone, which gives it its non-stick properties and makes it resistant to high temperatures, non-stick and grease-proof.

Parchment paper is used in the cooking process with temperatures that reach no higher than 420°F to 450 F. Being oven-safe, they can be safely used in the oven, microwave, and of course, even in air fryers.

Can you use Parchment Paper in an Air Fryer?

Parchment paper is grease-proof, heat-resistant, and generally used to line the baking tray while backing food in a convection oven. Parchment paper can withstand temperatures up to 450 °F

And because Air-Fryer is a type of kitchen countertop convection oven, parchment paper can be used in an air fryer.

Parchment paper can be lined in an air fryer basket while cooking. It will catch grease from the food while cooking, making cleaning easy.

Using parchment paper while warming or reheating food in the air fryer will save you time cleaning the basket and increase its shelf life of the basket.

Is it Safe to Use Parchment Paper in an Air Fryer?

The use of parchment paper in an air fryer is safe because it can withstand temperatures ranging from 450°F.

Paper parchment is considered safer than cooking with paper plates or even waxed paper in the oven. This is because parchment paper will not cause fire at high temperatures while inside the air fryer.

While there is a common understanding that it is safe to use in the air fryer, you should still practice being mindful and careful. Always make sure that there is food placed on top of it.

This is to prevent the parchment paper from being flown away that could be blown to the source of high heat, resulting in a chance of catching fire while cooking.

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How to Use Parchment Paper in an Air Fryer?

The use of parchment paper in an air fryer makes life a little bit easy. Parchment paper will catch grease and other liquid from the food while cooking, prevent food from sticking to the basket and make cleaning easy.

However, you need to be very careful in using parchment paper in an air fryer. As mentioned, do not place parchment paper floating in an air fryer while cooking. The high heat of the air fryer can cause unattended parchment paper to catch fire.

Here are some tips on how to use parchment paper in an air fryer.

  • Cut parchment paper a little smaller than the size of an air fryer basket – If you are using parchment paper from the roll, make sure to cut it a little smaller than the size of the basket. This will ensure proper heat circulation from the edges of the basket.
  • Do not cover the air fryer basket with oversized parchment paper, as it defeats the purpose of air frying in an air fryer. In addition, oversized parchment paper blocks the airflow and prevents food from cooking from the bottom.
  • Ideally, poke a few holes in your parchment paper once it is cut to fit in the air fryer basket to allow proper air circulation and cooking. Alternatively, use a pre-cut, ready-to-use air fryer parchment paper liner from Amazon. They are affordable and available in size, depending on your basket type.
  •  Line parchment paper in an air fryer basket after preheating is achieved and just before you are ready to place your food on it.
  • Once done cooking, remove the parchment paper and dispose of it off. Do not reuse parchment paper.

Best Parchment Paper for Air Fryer

Many kinds of parchment papers are available in your nearest grocery stores or online stores. However, certain characteristics make some of the best parchment papers.

Whatever parchment paper you buy must be odorless, tasteless, and made of cotton fiber or pure chemical wood pulps.

It must also exhibit crucial properties like being non-sticky, grease-proof, and heat or humidity-resistant.

All these features are inherent in having a good-quality parchment sheet. This is so that it can function well in creating a non-sticky surface between your food and the surface of the air fryer basket.

These parchment paper sheet characteristics also help you make your after-cooking cleanups easier and quicker.

Substitute for Air Fryer Parchment Paper

There is a number of options for substituting parchment sheets when using an air fryer. These include silicon-made baking mats, aluminum foils, iron skillets, and pizza or bread stones.

1. Silicone-based baking mats are very practical because they not only function as a good substitute for parchment sheets but can even be better because they are reusable.

If you want to use a device that can be used repeatedly, this is the perfect alternative for you. In addition, using silicon-based baking mats will keep you from the wastefulness of parchment papers.

2. Toothpicks are also observed to be useful and safe. This is perfect for using with parchment paper because toothpicks can be used to hold down foods while keeping them in place on top of parchment paper.

3. Aluminum foils are also convenient in traditional ovens and air fryers. They are good conductors of heat, lessening direct exposure and the blast of heat inside the air fryer.

Using foils can also help you retain some of the juiciness and freshness of your food without it being raw. If you use aluminum foil to cover the food plate while cooking, use toothpicks to hold the foil down to avoid flying around.

4. Stone Containers can also be used for air fryers as long as it fits, though. Always remember the rule of thumb that whatever is certified oven-proof, then it is also air fryer-proof.

5. Round Baking Pans (Aluminum-made) are great for air fryers. Just like parchment papers, they are usually used in baking goodies.

Again, be reminded not to use paper plates, waxed paper sheets, or wooden and plastic-made materials. These items are not recommended as they may cause a fire inside the air fryer or affect the prepared food.

Tips for Using Parchment Paper in an Air Fryer

Now that you know that using parchment paper is safe to use in an air fryer. Here is a compilation of tips you might find helpful in the kitchen.:

  • Double-check that it is parchment paper and not another type.
  • Always measure your parchment paper just enough inside the air fryer basket. Cut the sheets if necessary.
  • Do not use parchment paper when there is no food on top of it to avoid catching fire inside the basket. Also, do not add parchment paper during preheating.
  • Only add the parchment paper when you put the food ingredients in the basket.
  • Make sure you use a good-quality one to ease the cleaning after the cooking.


Is It Better To Use Parchment Paper or Foil in an Air Fryer?

Given that parchment paper and aluminum foils are good alternatives, comparing them is very interesting if you want to use them in an air fryer.

The most recommended answer here lies another golden rule heard in the kitchen that says that parchment papers or sheets are meant for when you are doing sweet treats or goodies, while foils are best used in grilling or broiling.

Both are indeed safe to use in an air fryer, but which is better depends on what you are preparing in the air fryer.

However, there is the issue of safety for your health. When it comes to parchment sheets and aluminum foils, the safest would probably is to lessen the use of aluminum foils.

According to a research study conducted in 2001, materials made of aluminum, like foils, cooking utensils, and containers, can leach aluminum into prepared foods. This means it can subtly increase the usual aluminum content in your diet.

That is why if you are health-conscious, the ideal choice would be to use parchment sheets in an air fryer instead of aluminum foils.

Can You Put Parchment Paper in the Oven

As discussed, parchment papers can be put inside the oven.

The usual temperature range of a moderate oven is from 250° to 375° F, while a hot oven can have a temperature set to 400° to 450° F.

This makes it very reasonable to use parchment papers in the oven as parchment sheets can withstand temperatures up to 450° F.

Just ensure you follow the proper techniques and guidelines when using parchment sheets in the oven and your air fryer.

Conclusion – Can You Use Parchment Paper in an Air Fryer?

The answer is a resounding yes! You can use parchment paper in an air fryer.

Parchment paper is even the most ideal or recommended for some essential reasons. Such is effective, practical, and, most of all, safe.

Unlike some other alternatives, parchment papers do not pose some health risk and fire hazard risks when used in an air fryer.

So the next time you think of using the air fryer for dinner, make sure you have rolls of parchment sheets at home. Before you go, check out this article on whether to use glass bowl in an air fryer or not.

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